The professional team at Dentistry on the Avenue knows how important a beautiful, fully functional smile is to your quality of life. So we proudly offer full dentures and partial plates.
Repair your speech and enjoy the foods you once loved. Dentures can be final restoration or temporary fill the gap before bridge or implant placement.
Come and get your old dentures checked, tightened, repaired, cleaned, relined, fixed or get a new one.

⦁ You will first meet with the dentist for an initial consultation to discuss the options available and you will decide together which one is right for you. A mold will then be taken of your existing teeth and jaw to ensure a perfect, comfortable fit. Color of the artificial teeth will be selected to match your natural teeth perfectly.
⦁ Depending on the complexity of the case multiple appointments (2-5) may be required for denture fabrication. In most cases a post- insertion visit is necessary for minor denture adjustment.
⦁ Denture will be cleaned at no charge at your next cleaning appointment or regular check- up.
⦁ Denture relining is recommended few months later to ensure better fit of the plates and compensate for natural gum shrinkage. Metal clasps if present, can be tightened to make partial dentures fit better.