In only the most extreme and hopeless cases, such as when the teeth are damaged beyond repair, the tooth may be extracted in preparation for dentures or implants.

⦁ Come in for a free consult. We want you to feel comfortable and safe.
⦁ Have snack or dinner as after the tooth is removed there will be some dietary restrictions.
⦁ Bring a friend or family member to stay in the operatory with us if you are scared of the procedure to ensure you are at comfort and ease.
⦁ Make sure you will not need to go back to hard physical work, fitness, swimming pool or have any other stressful events.

⦁ Enjoy the comfort of teeth removal and replacement in one office
⦁ Duration of the appointment is one hour though some appointments may be shorter.
⦁ Several X-rays may be necessary
⦁ Treatment options will be provided
⦁ Risks and benefits to be explained
⦁ Profound anesthesia will be achieved with few injections in the gums.
⦁ Removal of the tooth is painless and fast, sometimes patients may feel cracking sounds.
⦁ The remaining pieces will be removed carefully and final X-rays may be taken to ensure the whole tooth is out.
⦁ Oral and written instructions will be provided with some painkillers to take home, prescription of the medication and emergency phone numbers.
⦁ Free post-op appointment may be offered per request though it is normal to have minor swelling and discomfort for a few days after surgery.
⦁ In some cases a referral to the specialist may be necessary.